December 2007

A tennis player went to the doctor because he heard music whenever he played. The doctor cured him by removing his head band.

Merry Christmas everyone

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our members! Let’s hope you all get lots of tennis-related presents from Santa this year; and remember that all those tennis balls do make excellent bourbells.

Annual General Meeting

Please do come along to our AGM which is being held at Dunstable cricket club on Totternhoe hill, at 7.30pm on Wednesday 16th January 2008. Don’t worry, you won’t be press-ganged into joining the committee unless you really want to! It’s a good opportunity to hear about the most successful year ever for the club, and to learn about our plans for next year. We do If you’ve not yet renewed your membership, please try to do it this week; the hope to see as many members there that can make it.

Club Funds

This year’s social committee deserves a special mention, having raised over £2,800 profit for the club. We end the year with money in the bank having resurfaced three courts – we should all be very proud of the achievements of the club over the last year!

Thanks to John Jones

We’d like to thank John Jones for donating a set of mugs for the clubhouse – thanks John, they’ll come in handy for a nice warming brew over the winter months!

Evening play

Just a reminder as the dark evenings descend upon us that there is a charge of £1 per player for the Tuesday evening Club Night sessions and a charge of £2 per 30 minutes for the use of floodlights at any other time.

One bulb is already malfunctioning and it’s anticipated that others may soon fail, it being 4 years since their installation. Every £1 is important to the Club having expended most of its cash resources this year to carry out the court improvements so your co-operation would be appreciated.

Should a committee member not be present payment can be left in the coin purse from where Peter will retrieve and attempt not to spend it down the White Horse before getting home. If you need company, Peter….


The Winter Coaching Schedule will be published in the next newsletter; in the meantime, as well as the usual Saturday sessions for juniors, Nick and his team are offering further coaching on Mondays for Mini Red and Mini Orange/Green.

Of special interest to those adult new members are the New Start and Re- Start sessions on Saturday afternoons. We know many of you have been asking if the club could run something on these lines and Nick has come up with the goods. We hope you’ll come along and get those racquets swinging. Contact details for the coaches are on page 5.

Raise money for EBLTC

Don’t forget that you can raise money for EBLTC when you shop online. All you need to do is:

Register on http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk, choosing Eaton Bray
If you’ve not yet renewed your membership, please try to do it this week; the

Tennis Club as your cause

When you visit an online shop, enter the shop using a special link on the http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk site (these links can be bookmarked if you visit the shop frequently). Most main on-line shopping sites have links from the above site.

Then for any purchases you make we automatically receive a percentage of the sale (e.g. Amazon gives us 2.5%). Most major online retailers are represented and even things like changing your insurance provider and booking airport parking can generate a donation. Please visit the website for more information.

We have already raised over £15 with just two people participating, but if everyone participated then this will raise £100s for the club! So please do register and maximise your on-line shopping experience – knowing that you’re doing your bit for the tennis club at the same time!

And, obviously, like dogs, it’s not just for Christmas ….

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New member Harry the hamster up at the courts this week.

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‘Oops sorry…’ Lleyton Hewitt takes care of Tim Henman at Wimbledon 2002

Strange places….

In the first of a new occasional series, we look at some of the more unusual places where tennis matches have taken place.

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This match certainly wasn’t plane sailing…

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Roger Federer and Andre Agassi enjoy a match on top of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

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‘Can we have our ball back, please’?

 British Tennis Membership

It is really exciting time and the LTA with the launch of British Tennis Membership scheme. At the moment there are only 90,000 members of the Advantage club. The laugh of British Tennis Membership scheme hopes to increase the British Tennis family to over 300,000 and provide a more direct service to the tennis community. The exclusive benefits of joining British Tennis are:

  • Player rating
  • Only entry to competitions and tournaments 
  • Monthly e-newsletter with exclusive member content
  • Access to exclusive discounts
  • Advice from top coaches and players
  • Entry to your clubs Wimbledon draw
  • Membership card associated benefits 
  • Access to add on benefits eg Ace Magazine and Grand Slam event packages

The good news is that you, our members, can access all these benefits for FREE! From March 2008 until March 2009 all members of clubs affiliated to the LTA can sign up for free and access the benefits above. We have it on good authority that the 2009-2010 year will also be free of charge. Clearly there is no obligation to either sign up at all or to continue your membership for longer than you wish, and you do not need to provide credit card details, so there is no risk of you being charged for something you do not want. There are Wimbledon tickets to be won  in a competition for those members joining before 31st December 2007!

The quickest way to apply is on-line at this link: http://www.lta.org.uk/BritishTennisMembership/ and be member in less than 2 minutes!

Your affiliated club to mention on the application form is of course Eaton Bray Lawn Tennis Club. Remember to tick the relevant boxes if you do not want your details to go to companies outside the LTA. Finally, remember to tick the ‘I agree’ box at the end of the form to confirm you’re read the small print. I’ve gone through it and there’s nothing onerous there. Please feel free to call either myself or Ross Bagni if you have any further questions about the scheme or completing the application form.